Apply Pan India

Apply Pan India

Business PAN Card

Business PAN card is meant for any Business Incorporated Outside India. various forms of Business can be a Company, a Partnership, a HUF and a Trust. Although trust is not a Profit driven Business form but it is included under Business PAN card. All the above mentioned forms of Business are generally governed by the laws of their respective countries

Why do any Business registered outside India need a PAN card in India?

Indian Income tax laws do not allow any Indian Resident/ companies to make payment to any Person/ Business registered outside India without deducting/ withholding taxes in India. Taxes are generally withheld on the PAN of the respective person. So, withholding tax is a total waste if any person do not hold PAN card. Once the taxes are withheld, any Business entity registered outside India can claim benefit of taxes withheld but only if they hold Indian PAN card.

Is there any Relief in tax withholding rate with the PAN card?

Unavailability of PAN at the time of tax withhoding attracts deduction at Higher rate. Yes, there is Relief in tax withholding rate if one hold Indian PAN card.

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