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Apply Pan India

Minor and family PAN Card

Getting PAN card for your whole family together can be a good and cost efficient Idea. As PAN card has several benefits for NRIs/ PIOs/ OCIs/ Foreign Nationals residing outside India, no matter if it is your 5 years old child or other Minor in your Family. Minor is a any person below the age of 18 years.

Family PAN card does not mean that one card will be issued by the Government of India, containing details of all the members of the family. Every Member of the family will be issued a separate card. Family PAN card is just the application of all the Family members PAN card together.

What is the need for Minor to get Indian PAN card?

There are situations where minors stay out of India since their Birth, but parents/ grandparents of such minor is of Indian origin. There are circumstances where minor Inherit properties of their grandparents or any proceed from the sale of such properties. Another Important reason is Investment that you make in the name of your Child for betterment of their Future. Any Minor being a NRIs/ PIOs/ OCIs or a foreign national need PAN card in such cases.

Can a Group of Freinds residing outside India can also apply for PAN card together?

Yes, any number of person, of any category, who want to apply for PAN card together can do so. We at offer wonderful discounts on large number of Application. More the number of Application, more is the rate of Discount.

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