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PANstands for Permanent Account Number is a unique alphanumeric code issued to all assessee under the Indian Income Tax Act 1961. It is issued by the Indian Income Tax Department. PAN is equivalent to a national Identification number, that also counts as an Important ID Proof.

Opening Bank Account in India, now a days, Demat and Trading Accounts, Purchase and Sale of Residential and Commercial Property in India, Bank deposits, Bank drafts, trading in securities, for all the above you need a PAN card.

Infact, taking a place on Rent and Purchasing Jewellery from jewellers will also required PAN card. Not only this,even if you need a small telephone or internet connection, you should have Indian PAN card.

How It is Important for NRIs/ Foreign Nationals/ OCIs/ PIOs

The most Important and Practical Reason for NRIs/ Foreign Nationals getting PAN card in India is to take benefit of Tax deductions in India and Claiming refunds for excess tax deducted in India. Apart from this, Making Bank deposits, Purchase and sale of property in India are other majour Issues for which PAN card is now required for NRIs/ Foreign Nationals.

PAN card is also mandatorily Required to file tax return in India.

Benefits of PAN card for NRIs/ Foreign Nationals/ OCIs/ PIOs

PAN card, but not Having PAN card is a BIG LOSS. This statement comes true if you have Bank Accounts, deposits, Properties and other Income in India. Any person residing outside India can receive Income from India only if proper taxes are withheld in India, and, here is most Important Benefit of having PAN card that all taxes will be deducted under your PAN and you can claim back if any excess tax are withheld.


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